Six Word Saturday: Monkeys

Six Word Saturday:

Chilling out with my monkey mates.

monkey mates

Speaking of monkeys… Today is election day in Australia. I try not to follow politics in Australia because there is a lot of ‘he said this, she said that’ sort of business and I get enough of that while teaching at school. I’m not looking forward to the results but as voting is compulsory here the country will have spoken.

Happy Saturday everyone!


19 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Monkeys

  1. First of all: I love love the header of your blog 🙂
    Cute monkeys! Did you all make them yourself?
    I can imagine your thoughts about politics, sadly I must admit I’m trying to keep myself away from it all as well :/

    Have a good weekend!

    • Thank you! No, I didn’t make the monkeys, they were all bought by my mother. Although I did make the little red jacket the one on the left is wearing – it was supposed to be for my niece but she was always too big for it.

  2. We’ve been following it pretty closely here and I have to say the only person who is more scary as a leader than Kevin Rudd is Tony Abbott.

    Having said that; we’re not exactly blessed with great leadership. Despite having claimed Phar Lap, pavlova and Split Enz, I doubt even Australia would want John Key!

    How are you setttling back into life in the lucky country?

    • So we have a new PM! We’ll just have to wait and see how it all turns out….
      I’m really enjoying catching up with family and old friends in my home town right now. I’ll get back to real life next month sometime.

    • Yes I do think that compulsory voting is a good idea but it doesn’t stop the apathy here either, perhaps there is slightly less of it because everyone feels they have a say even though in the UK everyone could vote if they wanted to.

  3. Ah politics, I usually stay right off the topic. It’s a landslide win for Abbott, it seems the country has had enough of the current monkeys’ shenanigans and wants to see what the new monkey can do. However, these are definitely much cuter than our political monkeys and probably much better behaved and more intelligent and…okay I’ll stop there 🙂

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