Six Word Saturday: Jet Lag

Six Word Saturday:

Getting used to new time zone.

me in Sydney

Image by Jedd

Here we are in Sydney!

Considering that it is winter it is much warmer than I expected it to be, above 20C! That part has been nice but getting used to the new time zone is quite painful. I can sleep OK sometimes, but not always through the night. And in the afternoons I’ve been feeling suddenly incredibly tired, so tired that my face hurts. I hope it doesn’t last much longer.


12 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Jet Lag

  1. I hope the jet lag eases for you soon. I stayed in a suburb of Melbourne when I lived there for a year. I was able to visit Sydney on the way home. It is a beautiful city, from what I remember. Is that where you are planning on settling?

  2. Welcome home! When I got back from the UK, the jetlag was the worst. I stayed up from 2am till 11pm to try to get back in sync – it was like some kind of hideous sleep deprivation experiment! May your circadian rhythms return to normal as soon as possible, and all the best settling back into Australian life.


    • Thank you Marianne. Your sleep deprivation experiment sounds awful. I was just about falling asleep while I was walking around trying to stay awake so I know how awful it is. I think I’m better now.

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