Six Word Saturday: Use Up

Six Word Saturday:

Using up stuff and mystery meals.

Christmas in July

 I know it isn’t Christmas time yet but this is the only wrapping paper I could find when I needed it earlier this week. As we are about to move to Australia I didn’t want to be buying more stuff to have to move with us or get rid of somehow, so I just used the left-over Christmas wrapping that I could find. The lady whose birthday I went to last week enjoyed the Christmas wrapping paper and laughed it off. I hope the ladies at the baby shower I’m going to tomorrow will be as understanding.

As with any move you don’t want to take anything with you that you don’t have to, in fact when moving internationally there are many things that you simply can’t take with you – food for example. To assist with this we have been dutifully eating down our unreasonably large stock of freezer food. Some of which was a mystery as to what it actually was before being defrosted, some was still a mystery after defrosting and eating. Oh well.

Happy Saturday everyone.


20 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Use Up

  1. I love this! We’re going on vacation soon, and I’m doing the same thing in regard to meals. I’ve also been known to wrap a gift or two in Christmas wrap when it’s no where near the holiday. 🙂

    Happy Saturday!

    • Thanks for visiting Dawn. I’m a little scared to eat anything unidentifiable from the freezer now but I know that it is definitely food so that is OK.

  2. We are just going on vacation for 2 weeks and we are counting our food stock especially grapefruit and bananas. “Don’t open it, unless you can finish it”

    • Well it looked like bacon when it was frozen but after I cooked it up it didn’t taste like bacon. I still don’t know what it was but it was edible so that is all that really matters I guess.

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