Alastair’s Photo Fiction: The Statue

Image by Alastair Forbes

Image by Alastair Forbes

Jayne hesitated as she rounded the corner, she no longer enjoyed leading this part of the tour. She always left the very back room of the museum until last, hoping that the tourists following her would lose interest in her feeble stories by the time she got there.

She was not good at making up stories so she always told the truth, or a slight variation of it. Telling the whole truth that one time was a mistake that haunted her ever since the young boy, Dom, persisted with his questions.

‘What’s so bad about the statue?’ and ‘Why?’ and ‘How’d you know?’, then the relentless nagging to allow him to hold it.

His parents were skeptics so thought that Jayne had been embellishing her stories of the power of the statue. They were also the types that were absolutely insistent that their child should get his or her way.

She would never let that happen again.


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