Six Word Saturday: Recovering Well

Six Word Saturday:

Five days post op, doing fine.

post op side view day 1

Day 1. Image by Jedd

On Monday I had a corneal transplant. I’ve needed it for a long time as I have keratoconus. This means that my own corneas are wrinkled and weak and I have to wear hard contact lenses so that I have a smooth surface to focus through. For some time now my left eye has been unable to be corrected very much by contact lenses making my overall vision deteriorate so it was time to get the transplant done.

If it doesn’t make you squeamish click on the image above to make it bigger and you should be able to see the stitches in my eye. More images are at:

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49 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: Recovering Well

  1. Whoa!! My son and I just took a look at the stitches. Pretty interesting image to start the morning with. Glad the recovery is going well so far! Praying that it continues that way!!

    Happy 6WS!!

  2. I have keratoconus also, but a more mild form. I wore contacts for a long time, but got tired of eventually having to buy new ones each year. Now the ophthalmologist says my eyes are fairly stable. I am glad your surgery went well.

    • It takes a while to heal and final results won’t be until after a settling down period after my stitches come on in 12-18 months. But I did read some literature that 100% of patients with keratoconus that had a corneal transplant experienced an increase in vision quality so I’m hopeful.

  3. How wonderful that your sight is going to be so much better, Georgia. I wore contact lenses for many years, and had lots of problems. I had cataract surgery just over a year ago, and my sight is perfect now. I’m really grateful that eye doctors are so clever these days. 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness! That looks SO PAINFUL. I can imagine that I’d rather suffer long term than go through surgery. Hope you’re much better now.

    • no, it’s a long way off perfect. Because the eye doesn’t have its own blood supply it takes a very long time to heal so the stitches stay in for 12 months and after they are taken out there is a settling down period and then I think they decide how good my vision is. It is definitely not a quick fix.

      • Wow! I’m glad it’s better, but sorry it’s such a long process for you. Mine is definitely not perfect. Drinking more water helps my vision. I have dry eyes. 🙂

  5. Hope it is feeling better day by day Georgia ! Yes, you are very brave and stoic about it I must say … Good eyesight is so precious I do hope that it works really well for you .
    I juggle pairs of glasses myself and it is SO tedious Lol

  6. That is AMAZING, congratulations! I’m not squeamish so I was able to view the larger photo and the first word out of my mouth was “Ouch!”, lol. I know you have a long road ahead of you in recovery, but you’ve taken the first step and that is wonderful. I’ll be wishing you a healthy recovery! xox

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