Alastair’s Photo Fiction: Sundial

Image by Alastair Forbes

Image by Alastair Forbes

‘I’ll meet you at the sundial’ Karl said as he hung up the phone.

Emily was so excited that she was finally going on a proper date with Karl, after they had swapped solutions in Chemistry and solved equations in Maths all year long. Graduation was just around the corner and they may never see each other again, apart from Emily’s insistence that they go out without their text books for once.

She had tried to keep it to herself but everybody in the class seemed to notice that Emily and Karl had had a thing for each other since the very first week of classes.

Emily’s best friend Lottie frequently left them alone together but both Karl and Emily had been so focused on achieving high grades that this ploy had only helped them become firm study buddies.

This was their first chance at romance and both of them were looking forward to the future.


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