A Personal Plea

I had my corneal transplant yesterday, everything went well I’m told. Now I have to get used to the stitches and the vision should gradually improve as well.

So anyway, I’ve scheduled my posts for this week but if you don’t see me around the blogging world very much this week it’s because I’m recovering.

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I don’t know the origin of this ad but it has been doing the rounds on Facebook in recent times. I like it because it is very clear and to the point.

organ donation ad

I’m bringing this to your attention because I need a cornea transplant, OK it’s strictly not an organ but tissues can be donated too. I’m lucky that an eye bank is able to store corneal tissue for a few days and I have my operation scheduled for the first of July.

Organ donation registries probably work differently in different countries but I urge you to get yourself registered and to also discuss your wishes with your family as sometimes they can have the final say despite what you have indicated on your organ donation registration.

Please decide to be an organ donor, you can’t take them with you when you die.

Thank you.


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