Alastair’s Photo Fiction

Image by Alastair Forbes

Image by Alastair Forbes

‘What was that?’ exclaimed Cynthia, wide eyed and visibly unsure if she was more scared or curious. 

‘The wind made a tree fall in the lake, that’s all’ replied her Brownie leader Anna unconvincingly, such that not even the older girl guides seemed comforted by the remark.

Scattered around the campsite the girls were huddled in small groups; some talking in hushed tones, some laughing animatedly, and yet others oblivious to the excitement and going about their business preparing themselves and their tents for bed.

Anna gathered up the leaders to quickly put up a united front, should they allow the girls to be a tiny bit scared of the possibility of a Loch-Ness-type monster? Or simply brush off the rumours they had heard back in town as madness, since they had yet to be proven with hard facts.

The newspaper photograph of her favourite camping grounds with this incredibly scenic lake in the background had clearly had something photoshopped into it in her opinion. At least she hoped so.


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