Alastair’s Photo Fiction

Image by Alastair Forbes

Image by Alastair Forbes


The path to the local community garden was usually buzzing with activity. The children often ran between the garden and the park, up a short flight of stairs and around the corner. The adults scolded them equally often for racing around the blind corner and jumping their skateboards down all the steps at once.




On this particular afternoon, no-one was around. Both the garden and park were deserted as everyone gathered in the town hall. Sandra, one of the local young mothers, had called a meeting of the community since she discovered old Mrs Nesbitt had taken a fall earlier that day.




Mrs Nesbitt didn’t have any family nearby but was considered a surrogate aunt for everyone in the tight knit community. So when Sandra learned of Mrs Nesbitt’s fall everyone wanted to help.




The food rota filled up first, before long everyone had jobs to do, including finding Mrs Nesbitt’s favourite daily crossword. 


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