Alastair’s Photo Fiction

One of my lovely blogger friends started a new blog a few weeks ago, some of you will know Alastair from Alastair’s Blog with his flair for photography. Each week he posts one of his own photos as a prompt for short story writing. Although I’ve never considered myself a writer, something was itching to get out of my brain when I saw this photo. So here I go with my first effort at flash fiction. Please be nice!


Image by Alastair Forbes

The fairies had been out gathering nuts and flowers all month long on their journey back to the summer residence.

Young Princess Ablessa was the first to cry out when she saw it: ‘Our home! What has happened to our home!’. Although she knew the flight would be a long and tiring journey, Ablessa had been looking forward to it since she knew that at the end she would be in her favourite place in the world.

Instead of the rainbow of flowering colour that she had been expecting, everything was bland – either green overgrowing grass, or grey decaying tree stumps. Her tree stump included.

There were no squirrels around to play with let alone to ask what had happened, just the bleakness of human footprints walking away. Princess Ablessa cried out again and flew into the outstretched arms of her father. ‘Whatever will we do?’ she moaned.

‘Don’t worry child, we’ll be OK – we always are’.

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5 thoughts on “Alastair’s Photo Fiction

  1. I think that’s a very good first piece for flash fiction! You should definitely do some more. Pictures are a great way to create ideas for stories, I do that a lot, and also short films on You Tube and Vimeo or just a music video can help to inspire your mind! 🙂

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