Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday:

Does having more sleep increase tiredness?

"Alarm Clock" by Feelart /

“Alarm Clock” by Feelart /

This week has been a well-earned half-term break. Although I have had a little work to do, I have also done a lot of TV watching and delighted in having loads of time to visit and read other blogs. Of course I have been out a few times, but all in all I’ve spent most of my time in my haven at home. It is always great when an alarm clock doesn’t need to be set in order to get up and rush off to work. I find myself going to bed later but also getting up much later, increasing my daily hours of sleep. I’m perplexed though at why I feel so tired now. Having had a week of 8+ hour sleeps and a few afternoon naps, when I normally get just shy of 7 hours of sleep during a work week-night, why am I feeling at all tired now?


27 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. An interesting thought. Maybe sleeping longer than normal, makes us more lethargic. You’ve given me something to research.

    Dropping by from 6WS

  2. My hubby is also on his half term break- but has so many chores to do. No rest for him. I taught for 43 years and never found the half terms long enough!

  3. Yes, yes it does — and turning night into day (as my mother used to call it) when you sleep later in the morning and go to bed later at night can also disturb the quality of rest you get. It has something to do with your body’s melatonin production, I think (sleep hormone). Some people don’t seem bothered by it, but I’m like you…my quality of rest is easily thrown off. The best advice is to always stick to the same schedule, even on time off. Of course, that’s no fun, lol, but it DOES work 🙂

    Hope you feel better rested soon!

    • Oh yes, I think I have heard that before Kayleigh but had forgotten. Is it each hour of sleep before midnight is worth twice as much as each hour after midnight? That must be my problem – no sleep before midnight!

  4. Well “they” do say that “tired breeds tired”!!! I know when I am sedentary I have absolutely NO energy…but if I force myself to be active my energy grows! 🙂 Muster up some energy and enjoy your Saturday!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

    • Thanks Linda. I did my pilates this morning and have been out for a walk so it’s not like I’m just lazing about, but I know what you mean.

  5. I hope you have a good half-term break. In the States, our school-year is just ending. It is a busy time with packing up and moving out for me, so I share in your tiredness,

  6. I seem to have been doing just the same as you this week,aint half term great! I don’t want to get back to the school routine for sure.

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