Travel Theme: Pathways

About a month ago we took a weekend away near Newcastle (UK) for a woodworking course, where I saw this little tree-lined pathway. I was so busy with the course that I forgot to see where it went. What do you think might be at the end of this pathway?

tree lined pathway

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A few photos from the woodworking weekend can be seen here.

10 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Pathways

  1. Amazing trees, growing in twisted bundles adorned with bursts of new green growth. I think there’s a gardener at the end of the path tending a vegetable patch. regards Peet

  2. This reminds me of my young adulthood riding the path through the willows … and … fighting off the mosquitoes 🙂 Thanx for the memory! My mind smells the horses and the crisp morning air.

  3. Love the path…have ALWAYS wanted to take a wood working class my entire life! Can we see what you learned?

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