A Word A Week Challenge – Zoom


When people think of zoom, what they’re usually thinking of is a long focal length (FL) – and on lenses with adjustable focal lengths (what most people call zoom lenses) this makes some sense.  But it’s a relative term – you can have very wide angled lenses that are technically zooms, because they let you adjust the FL.

Here’s a picture I took with a 50mm fixed focal length lens –  but it’s equivalent in 35mm ‘Full Frame’ photography to 100mm, which is very much in the range of what people think of as a zoom.

I was actually using this lens because I needed the wide aperture of f/2 as flash photography was not allowed even though the lighting wasn’t great inside.

This is the alter of the Mesquite Cathedral in Cordoba, Spain.
Mesquite Cathedral Altar

For more Zoom shots go to Sue’s A Word A Week Challenge page.


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