Share Your World – 2013 Week 7

1. Your favorite place within two hours of your home? I’m not a big fan of art, but I really love the Tate Modern for the fact that this Monet piece – Water Lilies –  is there, one of my favourites of all time. The other thing I really love close to here is the Tower of London, where you can see the crown jewels among other cool things, and be transported back in time.Claude Monet Water Lilies

2. What is your favorite TV show or movie of all time (for example can watch it over and over again and quote lines from it)? I’m sure I’ve seen every episode of ‘Arrested Development’ at least 3 times, maybe more. My other half quotes it often and I know exactly what it means and we fall about laughing. Together we are looking forward to all the Netflix episodes due to be released in a couple of months from now.

“It looks like you are fighting dragons, in the future”.

“You’re bleeding aren’t you?” – “<nods> My socks are wet.”

“Me fast, want slow. No wait, that’s Indian”.

3. Where do you eat breakfast? I eat breakfast right here at my computer, catching up on what my friends have posted on Facebook overnight and some blogs.

4. What is your most favorite smell/scent? I absolutely adore the scent of Jasmine. Often when Jasmine flowers it is massively in abundance, and because it is usually in the summer time the heady fragrance spreads far and wide from the plant in the warm air. I love it.

Jasmine flower

Image from

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3 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2013 Week 7

    • I can’t remember exactly where it was but there used to be a wall covered in jasmine that I needed to walk past to get to work or something. When it was in flower I would walk as slowly as possible to fully immerse myself in the scent.

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