Small Stones #31: Small Stones

I’ve never thought of myself as a writer, and I probably never will, but I’ve really enjoyed composing my small stone each day this month. Finding the right words for my little story or snippet of life. Reflecting on a moment, or thing, should happen more often. I want to continue writing small stones, probably not daily though.jan13large

4 thoughts on “Small Stones #31: Small Stones

  1. Every time you put two words together, it is good practice, and you are becoming a better writer. And every time you do, you are a writer who is writing. I hope you come to think of yourself as a writer, because you are one, and I hope you keep writing!

  2. Dear Georgia, I agree with Naomi that you are a good writer. I can see improvement in your writing over time. In fact it has occurred to me that one day you will publish some of your work. Keep writing. Love you…. Dad

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