Small Stones #27: Cramp

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In the middle of the night it pounces out of nowhere, shocking me into resistant wakefulness. Reluctant to unwrap myself from my warm comfortable place, I try to gently stretch my toes with my opposite heel. It’s no use, I concede that I must walk about to return to normal. Barely opening my eyes I follow the shadows into what I know is open space in the living area and pace back and forth. I check the time on my way back to bed, 6.33am – too early to be up on a weekend.jan13large

3 thoughts on “Small Stones #27: Cramp

  1. When those come out of the blue — the shock is painful as well. I am not usually full awake, and often, do something that causes the cramp to tighten, before realizing what I must do to relax it. I sympathize the rude awakening.

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