On Australia Day


Image by stockimages / freedigitalphotos.net

Six Word Saturday:

Hoping for kangaroo steak and pavlova.6ws-participating-in-banner1


21 thoughts on “On Australia Day

    • Kangaroo tastes a lot like beef. Very tasty in my opinion, but I haven’t had it in a long time, not even today ;(
      Yes the dessert can be fabulous, google it. The best bit is you can make it with whatever decorations suit you

    • I haven’t eaten kangaroo in a while and I’ve never cooked it myself but I’m sure it shouldn’t be tough at all. My Dad says it should be even more tender than beef. I believe kangaroo definitely needs to be marinated and cooked quite carefully.

      Yes pavlova is very very yummy – almost pure sugar with some fruit on top to make you feel healthier 😉

      • I LOVE that.

        I’m in the US and I’ve had it once. I’m sorry to say it was stringy and tough. Now I’m curious and will have to see if I can find a place that will prepare it properly.

        Is it true that kangaroos are considered a nuisance?

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