Small Stones #22: Thought Process

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I prefer self-checkout, it’s faster and no small-talk. Sometimes items don’t appear to scan with the correct price but it is usually corrected at the end, so I don’t worry about it. Final price seems alright, although I’m not totally aware. I glance at the receipt, is one item missing? Another item is dearer than advertised. It all balances out in the end I think to myself. Check the receipt again properly on the bus ride home. Everything is there, including the one I thought wasn’t before. And the other one really has been overcharged – only by £0.50, not worth worrying about.jan13large

4 thoughts on “Small Stones #22: Thought Process

  1. When I live, the people who check you out have been instructed to look at the name on your credit card and call you by name. It is phony and irritating. False intimacy. On the other hand, if they see you often enough, then it can develop into a mini relationship where they actually do know who you are. But do I really want them to know who I am and what I am buying?

    • If you see them fairly often that is fair enough but for someone who doesn’t know you from a bar of soap to try to be friendly I find a bit too much – I would probably make sure I had enough cash for each purchase each time I went into that store so I never passed over my card for them to spy.

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