Small Stones #11: Seagull Choir

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Image from

Awoken by squawking. I’m still dozing so don’t see the birds, but I have flashbacks to fish and chips on the beach and bold seagulls noisily demanding a morsel of my food. Today it sounds like there are hundreds of them, gathered for some celebration on the river. Without a conductor, many are out of tune, all of them out of time, even though they are singing the same song.jan13large

8 thoughts on “Small Stones #11: Seagull Choir

  1. I love the seagulls! They come and visit us on the lake in the winter time. Once it starts getting warm again, they disappear. Amazing birds! I love to watch them sweep down into the lake and come up with a Shad in their mouths. They come and eat the corn and stale bread I put out for the ducks too.

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