Share Your World – 2013 Week 2

Cee’s questions this week are quite fun, even if I’m a little late in responding.

  1. What is your favourite colour?  Blue. I love that blue comes in all sorts of shades and all of them are (I think) pleasing to the eye. Blue is such a versatile colour –  different shades of blue can suggest so many different things, like a first prize, feeling down, baby boy, the happiness of a bright blue sky or cool temperature.Blue Hydrangea
  2. Favourite thing to photograph? Write? Or Cook? I love to photograph flowers. I like to write letters, even if they are actually emails these days. And I enjoy baking, especially bread, actually I like the kneading part the best.
  3. Name two of your best personality traits. I try to find the positive in anything. People tell me that I’m patient, I don’t always agree but I guess that is a good personality trait to have.
  4. What word or words are fun for you to say? I know a few Irish people at work, I love how they say the word plastic sounding more like plaaastic. I can’t help but emulate this and giggle a lot whenever I hear it.

To join in the Share Your World fun click on the button below. share-your-world2

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