Small Stones #10: Aching Teeth

Woman with toothache

Image courtesy of Michal Marcol /

I don’t want to constantly moan but I’m distracted from noticing other things by this pain. I woke up hungry, but breakfast was difficult to eat. Chewing is tiresome and my teeth feel numb. I wonder if I’m lacking in Calcium? Not suddenly though, that can’t be right. My jaw feels like my legs did after walking up 528 stairs, it’s a muscular ache. I think back, last night’s dinner wasn’t challenging in a chewy way. Google suggests I may be a grinder. The signs fit, it’s happened before. Back to trusty Google for some relaxation tips perhaps?jan13large

23 thoughts on “Small Stones #10: Aching Teeth

  1. There are days — I must unconsciously clamp down on my teeth — because I will notice my teeth and/or jaw aching. It takes a concerted effort to break that cycle when I notice the ache. I hope your annoying pain subsides soon.

    • Absolutely Isobel. Both Doctors and Dentists have told me in the past that I’m a grinder, but I had forgotten this diagnosis until I googled my recent symptoms.

  2. aww, when teeth hurts everything hurts. I just remembered my sister during Christmas day, she had a bad toothache and off we go to look for a dentist on Christmas day. Hope you’re OK now.

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