Small Stones #6: Pizza Dough (and recipe)

Rising dough

At first it seems that there is not enough liquid for all of the dry ingredients. Once all the flour gets wet though, it feels sticky. So sticky that I consider adding more flour. I measured all the quantities carefully so I shouldn’t need to do this. I knead until the texture changes – silky, smooth and stretchy dough. So soft to the touch.



Pizza Dough Recipe:

250g strong white flour

250g plain white flour

5g dry yeast (I use one 7g sachet)

10g salt

325mL warm water

About 1 Tbspn olive oil


Weigh and then mix all dry ingredients. Stir in the liquids and start to knead immediately. Knead for about 10 minutes, or until the dough changes to a smooth silky texture. Form into a ball and leave in a warm place to rise to twice the size.

4 thoughts on “Small Stones #6: Pizza Dough (and recipe)

    • Strong flour has a higher protein content than plain flour. The one I use has 15g protein per 100g. It may be sold in stores as bread or pasta flour. The protein is called glutein, great for baking although I don’t fully understand the process.

    • FWIW, I believe that extra strong white flour comes from varieties that they typically don’t grow much (if at all) in the UK – we get a Canadian variety from Waitrose. The longer you can let the dough do its thing the better flavour, but you don’t want it over-rising, so it’s feasible to make it early in the morning and leave it in the fridge to slow down the rising process. Similarly it’s asserted (though I haven’t noticed the difference in resultant flavour on this, either) that using ’00’ flour in place of the plain white (about 10-12% protein) is preferable. Ultimately, for my money, the two most important factors are a stinking hot oven – ours is 275C max, and that’s barely enough – and a baking stone.

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