Travel Theme: New

In preparation for the new year just around the corner, Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is New.

Related to the theme, I have a kid goat, baby booties and chrysalises.kid goat baby booties Chrysalises

What does ‘New’ mean to you?

Check out Ailsa’s Travel Theme page for some more interpretations of new.

4 thoughts on “Travel Theme: New

  1. well, being a goat fan forever…that shot is my favourite Georgia…but I love the colour of those booties and when looking at the chrysalises I felt hope…what a great post. Wishing you a wonderful New Year and 2013

    • Thanks so much Jo. The goat is super cute isn’t it? I should’ve mentioned that I knitted the booties for my new niece too, born just before Christmas.
      Absolutely the chrysalises are about hope and rebirth, what many people feel at new years.

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