Travel Theme: Hot

After posting a frosty photo yesterday, making animated snow fall on my blog page until early January and experiencing actual snow for the first time this season today, Ailsa has requested Hot posts to keep the universe in balance.

Last weekend I visited the Roman Baths in the town of Bath in Somerset UK. This is the only place in the UK where hot springs have been found. The baths were built by the Romans hundreds of years ago to take advantage of the natural springs of hot water.The site has both religious and social significance in history.

Roman Baths

It was a very cold day, but even when it isn’t that cold you can see the steam rising off the water, which is naturally about 46ºC.


The hot springs are much like the geothermal fields in Iceland that I posted about here.


Warm up with some other Hot posts via Where’s My Backpack?

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