Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Not everything about traveling in Morocco felt completely foreign. There were cafes, beaches, gardens, loads and loads of shops to visit and nice parks to sit in.

All of which are not completely foreign to me – I may not go to the beach very often but I know what one is and what it is supposed to look like.

I also know that in 2012 humans are supposedly more aware than ever of our surroundings and being stewards of the earth. So I was disappointed to see a large amount of litter spoiling the nice seating area in the park and other public places that we visited in Morocco. Littering is completely foreign to me.

It makes me proud that Australia has much less litter in the streets due to long-term public campaigns about keeping Australia beautiful. From catchy tunes

Leading by example: 

Name calling: 


To comedy: 

Remember the one step programme: Use the Bin!

Find out what is foreign to other bloggers at the Daily Post.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

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  2. I hate the way to be honest we are very slack in Uk about the litter problem too . What is it with people . * completely baffled and disheartened @ times.*

    • I agree Poppy and I must say that I completely can’t understand it at all. Sometimes I point out to people that they have dropped something, but sometimes there simply isn’t a trash bin around – having said that though where there isn’t a trash bin there is often less litter as there are people employed to pick it up. Even though it provides employment I am adamant that such a job shouldn’t be required.

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