Travel Theme: Animals

If you take a visit to Gibraltar you must visit the top of the rock. The views from the top are just spectacular. At certain locations you will also come across the colony of apes that live at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar. They all have names, and very distinct personalities. I didn’t spend enough time with them to work out who was who though.

This fellow was waiting to greet all the visitors as we emerged from the cable car.

These two were hovering over the stairs, probably wishing for some unsuspecting tourist to dare to come nearby with food that they could steal.

Although the animals are fed regularly, it seems they love to get their hands on any food that comes their way.

It was pretty special to see the baby apes, and watch this little one finding its own food.Do hop on over to Where’s My Backpack? and see which other animals have been honoured with a post for World Animal Day (October 4th).

2 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Animals

  1. We went to Gibraltar a couple of years ago, and it was fascinating to watch the apes. The first thing that happened when we got off the cable car was that the big matriarch of the apes raced up, seized a bag of goodies from a family with a baby stroller (they were warned not to have plastic bags visible), and run off to check it for goodies. I enjoyed your photos.

    • Thanks Naomi, Oh yes there were warnings posted everywhere and all the staff mentioned it repeatedly too. We saw people wandering around with food out and then being surprised when it got taken from them. It was even funnier watching this girl trying to negotiate with one of the apes to get her biscuits back in Italian.

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