Saturday already?

Six Word Saturday:

How is it Saturday again already?

Want to play along? All that’s necessary to participate is to describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.

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It’s been another one of those crazy-busy weeks when I don’t know which way is up, let alone what day it is. My week has consisted of meetings, working late for open evening, meals out, more meetings and general busyness.

On Thursday I thought it was Wednesday and was setting homework for my Year 7 class and telling them it would be due on Friday.

Class; ‘Do you mean tomorrow Miss?’

Me: ‘No I mean Friday, that should give you enough time to do the homework’

Class: ‘But it’s Friday tomorrow!’

Me: ‘Oh yeah, I meant Monday’.

Thankfully the alarm clock on my phone knows what day it is and didn’t wake me up early today. Thank goodness for technology.

Happy Saturday everybody!

11 thoughts on “Saturday already?

  1. I dunno; for me, Saturday never comes soon enough & monday’s always ahead of schedule. Oy. Good thing you have students to keep you on track.

    • Too true, Saturday never comes soon enough. But I don’t like the idea of wishing away most of my life just because they are work days. All days should be enjoyed.

  2. Being retired we tend to lose track of our days however we know the weekend has arrived because we see our neighbours as well as our kids and grandchildren.

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