Work, work, work

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Behind on marking, needs catching up.

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When I first started teaching I did a lot of work at home, mostly lesson planning. Because of my lack of experience it seemed to take ages to plan each lesson. I was motivated to do well so working late into the night, and often on weekends, was something I was willing to do. I grew up watching my mum doing the same, even working tirelessly throughout our holidays, so to me it was normal.

As I became more experienced and the lesson planning didn’t take so long I still brought home work to do but with the lack of urgency to complete it, I rarely actually took it out of my work-bag. Then I realised what I was doing and stopped bringing work home all together as I simply wouldn’t bother looking at it, it seemed a waste of energy to be carrying it back and forth.

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It is now four weeks into the current school year but I feel like I’m not yet into my flow where lesson planning takes minutes rather than hours. And I seem to have accumulated a large mountain of marking, so I have resorted to bringing some home to do this weekend.

What do you think about bringing work home with you?

19 thoughts on “Work, work, work

  1. Oh no poor you- my heart feels for you!! I have just retired after 43 years in the classroom/s and don’t miss it one bit- specially not the marking. I always tell the new young teachers that our work is never done- when you finish one task there is always another. So they need to maintain a good work-life balance to survive as teachers. Good luck

  2. When I was a teacher I tried to do the marking as the children were doing the work however I taught the primary grades so it was easier. I am retired now so I leave the work to other people.

    • Yes, I try to remember to wander around holding my marking pen. As I teach science though, I can’t take my eyes off the students doing practical work otherwise it may become unsafe!

    • For sure. Actually I’ve spent most of today on the internet so far but have managed to tick off one job and am part way through the next item on my list. Thankfully it isn’t taking as long as I thought it might so I’m pretty relieved.

  3. I bring so much work home from nursery and invariably it gets left as real life calls me,the kids and running the house,and just sometimes I honestly too tired to do it!Teaching is a job where the work does not stop when we leave the classroom I think x

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