Six Word Saturday:

Hectic first week back at school.

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This week just gone was the first week back at school for most schools in England. I started a new job at a different school so it was particularly exhausting for me. I spent the week learning names and procedures, getting last minute timetable, room and duty rota changes as well as finding my way around the school. Oh, and a little bit of teaching too.

Excitingly, the cake rota starts this coming week so I’m looking forward to seeing what other people in the department come up with.

What are you looking forward to?

12 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. New schools are hard to get used to. This summer I met a teacher I taught with 36 years ago. She still teaches in England one day a week.

    • Yeah, I’ve had my share of new schools to get used to but I always forget how tiring it is getting used to it in the beginning. How exciting for you to be able to catch up with an old colleague.

  2. We always talk about kids and their first week back at school, but we don’t stop to think that it’s just as hard for staff to get back in the swing of things. Starting at a new school, harder yet. Glad you’ve survived it, hopefully next week will go a little bit easier!

  3. started my 5th grader in a new school out of district, was a super stressful choice to make but as a parent I needed to make sure she had a good learning environment and good teachers, it has been all that, her new teacher has lots of kids (31) but I have confidence in her abilities and I made sure she had confidence in us to be a support not a stresser.
    I have mad respect for teachers so here is my wish for you…..things will settle in and you get a class full of great kids and even better parents!!!

    • Thanks so much Janice. It means a lot to have the support of parents. And yes, everything will settle down soon. I’m a secondary school teacher so I have about 10 classes of that size, it may take more than one week to learn all of their names, unfortunately.

  4. Oh, new jobs are exciting, but they certainly can add some stress, can’t they? I hope things settle down for you soon, but even if they stay hectic for just a bit longer, at least you’ll soon have some regular cake snacks to help out!

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