Sunday Post: Reflection

At the start of our holiday it felt like everything we visited was either a castle, a palace or a cathedral. This is a photo from our visit to Castelo de São Jorge (St George’s Castle) in Lisbon, Portugal.

My other half said ‘come over here and take a photo’ – not an uncommon sentence uttered between us while on holidays, but I thought that he was lining up a photo that he would take of me.

I turned to see my reflection in the window, along with that of most of Lisbon.Have you got a good photo of a reflection? Why not join in with Jake’s Sunday Post as well.

22 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Reflection

      • Oh, you are bringing back wonderful memories I have of Portugal. I camped there in 1967!!! Portugal was an amazing place then; I can imagine it has changed. We would see ladies in black with balancing water jugs on their heads.

      • How interesting! I didn’t see anyone balancing water jugs on their heads in Portugal. I shall be sorting out my photos from Morocco soon where we did see people doing that, unfortunately we weren’t really able to photograph the people there though.

    • Thanks Lynne! I still haven’t seen most of my photos of Morocco… I took so many photos during my three week trip that it is taking a long time to sort through them. And me being me, I have to do them in order. Morocco was at the end of the trip so they will be last unfortunately, but I’m nearly there 🙂

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