Weekly Image Of Life: Colours

I love rainbows. So in my view this Weekly Image of Life theme about Colours is too good to pass by. Actually, I’m surprised that I have not yet posted a picture of a rainbow on my Rainbow Bakery.

A rainbow is formed due to the refraction (or bending) of light through raindrops (or a prism in Year 7 science labs) such that the white light is separated into a spectrum of colours. I teach my students to remember the correct order of the colours of a rainbow using a mnemonic: Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). And that the blue end of the spectrum is more bent, putting it on the inside of the rainbow.

Science lessons aside; I love that the colours of the rainbow all come from the same source, and that the visibility of the rainbow depends on your position in relation to the sun. I find this is a  wonderful metaphor for life and often use it to remind myself to find the silver lining in any situation.Click the button below to see other images of life.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Image Of Life: Colours

  1. Oh my gosh! This image brought back magical happy childhood memories. Beautiful
    Photo. The rainbow close to a castle like structure reminds me of knights and fairy tales we all dreamed of as kids. The rainbow is a perfect symbol of colors that brings joy and inspiration. Thank you.

    • Thanks Anita! The ancient building is Le Château de Hautefort in France, for our whole visit it alternated grey skies with rain and blue skies with rainbows 🙂

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