No wonder I’m tired

6WS: Super busy week with no rest.

This week has been really busy, both in and outside of work.

Being the second last week of term there were lots of assessments to be done, marked and have results recorded in various databases. I also got to go on a really fun end of term trip with 160 Year 8 students to an amusement park, my first time to one in the UK and my first roller coaster ride in several years.

Evenings have also been busy this week: on Monday went to craft group, relaxing but this time we went to a different person’s home than usual.

Tuesday was the trip and we got back pretty late.

Wednesday evening was some farewell drinks with some people from work.

Thursday evening I ran the session at church.

Friday night we had a dinner party at home, it is not often that we entertain at home but when we do, we do it well.

Today we have been out of town to a friend’s party.

I’m pleased that I have no plans for tomorrow, I think I need the rest.

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