Cherry Festival

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Annual summer time treat: cherry festival.

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This weekend is the annual Cherry Festival at Brogdale Farm

Growing up in Australia, I had always associated cherries with Christmas, because that was really the only time of year that we ate cherries. Later on I realised that cherries are eaten in November and December because that is when cherries are in season in Australia – early summer.

In Britain, obviously the growing seasons are different but they are just as short. The cherry season is exceptionally short and must be grasped firmly with two hands when the opportunity arises.

At Brogdale Farm, there is a “living museum” of several hundred varieties of different fruit: apples, pears, plums, currants, various nuts and of course cherries. At different times of the year the farm hosts celebration days for the various fruits in season. This weekend, being early summer (well according to the fruit it is summer, if not the weather) it is time to enjoy the cherries.

We have made the most of this as a day out for four years running now, each year making ourselves sick by sampling as many different varieties of cherries as we can. This year’s cherries are plump and juicy, having been swollen by the huge amount of rain that we have had in the past couple of months. It was most definitely worth it as a once a year treat.

What is your favourite fruit?

4 thoughts on “Cherry Festival

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    • Yes, it was really fun. And quite astounding to realise how many varieties of cherries there are, even though though only a few are sold in stores.

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