Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

A few weeks ago I posted some things that I like to create – my blue knitted items went with the Blue Weekly Photo Challenge.

Today I’m posting a photo of my cross-stitch. This is a long term project, I think I have been working on this particular item for at least ten years. My previous flatmate used to joke that it was to be finished in time for my future (as yet unplanned) daughter’s 21st birthday.

I’ve made a lot of progress on it since then but it is still in the process of being created. Now I have dreams that it will be a feature of my country-style kitchen in the house that we will eventually build after we return to Australia.

Do you have any long term projects?

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

  1. Hi Georgia
    I can just imagine your cross stitch hanging up in your future kitchen as we sip on a nice cup of tea and natter about the garden. As for my long term projects, I have been working on a particular novel for about six years and envisage it will another six – ten years before it is finished. Rather than being a case of procrastination, like good cheese, this story needs time to age.

    • I love your analogies Marianne. I gather this is separate from your Lucy stories then?
      Yes, I will have to make sure to identify all the herbs in the cross stitch so that I can make sure they are also in my garden. I’d love to have you around for tea 🙂

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