Sunday Post: Village

A few months ago while traveling in the Dordogne region of France, we visited the ancient village of La Roque St Christophe. This is a remarkable site where there has been found evidence of human inhabitance up to 50,000 years ago.

As you walk through the site you can see areas where different activities would have taken place. This area was close to the butchery, with many small holes in the walls for hanging things from, and larger storage areas carved into the walls to act like a cupboard.

Right in the centre of the village is the church or worship area, complete with pews. The ambiance of this particular area is added to with the sounds of a church choir that is activated by movement whenever someone gets close enough.

Close by to the church is this model of what the village would have looked like when it was inhabited in the middle ages, with houses and other structures built into the rock-face.

it is clear why this particular site was chosen to start the village. The views are amazing in both directions along the river.

When this site was inhabited, there would have been lookouts stationed at outposts at strategic points to be able to notify the main village of any intruders within minutes.

When we visited it was just out of the main tourist season so we were visitor numbers 11 and 12 for the day. On the busiest days during peak tourist season they can have 3,000 or more people through each day.

Whatever time of year you can make it, I recommend a visit.

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