Sunday Post: Famous Movies

When I saw the title of this week’s Sunday Post challenge by Jake Sprinter I immediately thought of Harry Potter before I’d even seen his own post.

Living in London, Harry Potter is the obvious choice as so many of London’s landmarks can be seen in the film series. I have been past two locations which I’ve been told were the real-life Diagon Alley (not sure which one actually is or if they are more the inspiration for Diagon Alley), Australia House on the Strand is apparently the outside of Gringott’s Bank and I’ve walked over the Millennium Bridge which was pulled apart by the Deatheaters at the beginning of one of the Harry Potter films. There are probably loads of others that I don’t know about yet, perhaps this summer I’ll have a chance to go on one of the walking tours.

I can’t remember exactly which film it was but there is one scene when Harry and his best friend’s father, Arthur Weasley, take the London Underground to go to the Ministry of Magic. Again, I don’t know where it was actually filmed but the ticket barriers at Canary Wharf underground station always remind me of that scene.

To get through the ticket barriers and onto the train platform most commuters have an electronic travel card, which you need to touch on the yellow card-readers in order for the gate to open. I giggled during the movie because Arthur, not being used to the muggle (non-wizard person’s) way of doing things thinks that all you have to do is tap on the card-reader for it to work and he does this a few times before being corrected by Harry, who grew up in the muggle world.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Famous Movies

  1. Even though I have read all the books, I have only seen the first of the films. I will watch out for this when I do get round to watching them 🙂

    • I loved the books and the films, and I’ve listened to all the audio books as well. Something makes me think that this scene was in film 6, or maybe 5, but I’m not 100% certain. I’ll just have to watch them all again too I think.

      • I will get round to watching them when my children are a little older. Nothing better than watching this sort of thing with the company of a child’s eye.

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