Cake rota

Next month I will be leaving my job. There is no need to give notice as my contract is due to end anyway. So the last day of this school year will be my last day at my current school.
Today I interviewed for, and was offered a job at another school, which I’m really happy about.
I had morning tea with the department that I will be working in. It happened to be cake day.
It was explained to me that cake day is a very important weekly ritual for the department and there is a rota for being the person to bring in a home-made cake. This last point was well and truly emphasised – it would simply not be acceptable to bring in shop bought cake for cake day.
So, what type of cake should I bake to impress my new colleagues with when it is my first turn on the cake rota?


Some of my mum's gorgeous cakes.

9 thoughts on “Cake rota

  1. Your Mum’s cake and cupcakes looks delicious! As for what cake you should take to your new school; for the first time. Chocolate, with loads of chocolate frosting; chocolate seldom disappoints 🙂

    • Yes, my mum’s creations are quite delicious, I didn’t inherit the cake decorating talents from her yet, maybe it is a late blooming gene? Anyway, yes my current colleagues agree that chocolate is the way to go as they still remember my chocolate brownies. I don’t have much experience with frosting, but it’s probably time that I learned!

    • Thanks Craig! I made a hummingbird cake once before, I remember trying to decorate it with passionfruit on the top and perhaps fresh passionfruit were out of season or something, for some reason I decided to go tinned passionfruit and I drowned the cake. Lesson learned with that one.

  2. Hi Georgia

    The selection of which cake to bake is quite a political one. If yours is too fancy, it may put the best cake baker at the school offside if you outdo him/her. On the other hand, bringing something too plain could be construed as an insult to cake day and your reputation will be forever set as a the ‘lame cake baker’. Having seen some of your creations on this blog, I think you’re well placed to produce a cake that is just right. Personally, my vote is for white chocolate mud cake, but I’m also partial to a lovely cheese cake.

    Oh, and your mum’s creation looks amazing!


    • Thanks for your great tips Marianne! Yes, hopefully I’ll not be too early in the first rota and will have some time to suss out the favourites of my new colleagues. I like your idea of white chocolate mud cake, I don’t think I’ve made one of those before – do you have a recipe? Cheesecake would be awesome but I’d be worried about actually getting it there on public transport (and I noticed that there wasn’t a fridge in the tea-room) so I’d worry that it would collapse by the time it was going to be eaten.

      • Hi Georgia

        Good point about the cheese cake needing refrigeration, and of course, it’s summer over there, unlike here where you can more or less leave anything on the bench top and it will still be cold in the morning. Sadly, I haven’t got a white chocolate mud cake recipe, but I’ve never forgotten the first time I had some – delicious.

        Marianne x

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