Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

When this week’s photo challenge email came through I thought that I wouldn’t be able to participate because the weather has been so miserable lately that I haven’t seen the sun in weeks. But I faithfully took my camera out with me over the weekend and managed to whip it out during the brief moments that the sun was also visible and before the rain returned.

This was also the first time that I have played with my star filters. I’m pretty happy with the result and should do it more often.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

  1. Cool photo, Georgia. Taking up such a challenge is a great idea. I did a “poem a day” challenge in January. It’s a good way to build creativity into our routines instead of just thinking about it.

  2. Hi Georgia
    I’ve written a collection called Guerilla Poet, some poems of which have been published under my pen name. I later found out there’s a guerilla poetry movement where people go into libraries, book shops, cafes etc and leave poems on little cards for people to find. There’s a website on the back of the cards and if you find such a poem, the idea is to log in where in the world you found it.

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