On Being a New Cyclist

One week ago today my other half and I invested in a pair of bikes. We got matching bikes, (how cute) mainly to make maintenance easier and they are a gorgeous cobalt blue colour with shiny white seats, shock-absorbers and handle-bars.

Being so new and exciting, I’ve been out for rides 5 times in 8 days and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Experienced riders can probably pick that I’m a new rider in any number of ways: by my snail’s pace, my wobbly riding, the shininess of my brand new bike, or my choice of quiet routes.

I don’t mind that I’m really only comfortable riding on quiet roads or footpaths for now. I remember growing up when we used to take our small bikes out for a ride around the block, as we got more confident this became two laps around the block and later graduated to laps around the ‘big’ block close to our home. I remember being coached to always keep as close to the left-hand side of the road as possible, since the cars also drove on the left-hand side.

Having had a driving licence for several years I’m fairly confident of the road rules but being in the position of a cyclist has made me doubt myself a few times and wonder if – going from driving every day up until 3 years ago, to rarely even getting in a car now – I have mis-remembered some crucial laws. ‘Keep left’ though, is hard to forget. Cars all still drive on the left, buses and motorcycles too. So, I’m completely baffled as to why some other cyclists and the odd runner have come towards me veering to their right.

Have I missed something?

5 thoughts on “On Being a New Cyclist

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