Moving On

I really didn’t expect to be posting again so soon but I just wanted to quickly follow up on my previous post. Today there were many community gatherings in various locations around London – prayer vigils, peace marches and clean-up events. A lot of community building.

I felt a strong sense of blue at the prayer meeting that I went to. Not a deep royal blue that can feel heavy and depressing but a lighter sky-blue of optimism and looking outwards. The best way to move on they said was to go about your daily business as usual, as I can attest to.

When I want to chill down lately I’ve been watching some old episodes of ‘Seinfeld’. One episode I saw recently was based on riding the New York Subway. Something that made me laugh was a lady chancing a conversation with a stranger for the first time in 35 years and being freaked out by the outcome.

(Not sure if I’m doing the embedding correctly so here is the link in case it doesn’t work:

London has some unwritten rules about riding the tube but perhaps we should be talking to people more, including strangers on the tube. I have just realised that I don’t know anyone else who lives in my building of approximately 100 flats. Of course I’ve seen people from my building at the mailboxes, in the lift or gym room and at the bus stop but I would only recognise one or two of them and I certainly don’t know any of their names. I’m thinking it is time for a meet the neighbours event. There is a patch of lawn near-by that I’ve started imagining a BYO-cup-of-tea-and-chat sort of thing going on in.

What do you think? Would you go to a ‘building-mixer’ to meet the neighbours? How should I go about this?

6 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. I love your idea of a BYO cuppa near your block of flats. My friend organised a Christmas Cuppa at her apartment when she was living in Sydney to get to know the neighbours. I think she did it by putting a little invite into people’s letter boxes and then introducing herself to any neighbours she bumped into in the lead up to the date by asking them whether they’d received it and letting them know it was from her. I’d love to hear what you decide to do and how it goes if you decide to go through with it. Great blog btw! Love PaperCat –

    • Hi PaperCat,
      thanks for reading and responding. Yeah my first thought was to put invitations in letter boxes (at least they are all in one spot and I wouldn’t have to go floor to floor), top idea to talk it up though. I think Christmas here is too cold and no-one would turn up for an outside event but maybe a late summer do is in order hmmmm – I’ll let you know 😉

  2. Hiya,

    So many of us have that feeling of being alone in a crowd. Having a cuppa together is a fantastic ice breaker, but, sadly, keep your expectations low (regarding turnout and people actually mixing) and keep the garbage bags handy.

    Is there a building association you can become part of, or use to spread the word? Is it possible to organise a residents’ committee, where you can arrange semi-regular activities/meet ups?

    Good luck with it – when it works, it’s a great thing to be part of 🙂

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